About me

Hi hi!

My name is Florencia and I’m a Fashion Designer and Digital Content Creator 😀

This blog is space where I document in photos my romantic fashion style, trips, books, beauty and the many thoughts that come and go in my mind through the day.

How was the blog born

I started this blog in February 2015 under the name “Dangerously Me” — I’ve always been known for doing things outside of the norm, which led me to such a name. Later it’d change to “Flor de Blog” because I realized it was easier to pronounce and remember for people.

I’ve always been kind of a coward, but I’m always trying to prevent fear to stop me. In October 2015 I traveled to South Korea to meet one of my best friends (whom I’d never seen face to face before!). I made my first solo travel to London scared I wouldn’t know how to handle myself over there (spoiler alert: nothing terrible happened). And finally I dared to get my first tattoo — first of many, by the way!

Through the years, I was also able to build an eclectic style that’d follow me for years before I decided to settle for the current one: going from super delicate doll-like, to jeans plus leather jacket rocker-like. You will see more of the first one, but every once in a while you’ll definitely see me experiment with different things.

I owe the habit of reading to my grandmother

I can’t remember a time in my life where I wasn’t holding a book in my hands.

My key moment as a reader came when I got started with Harry Potter (obsession that hasn’t changed since day one ⚡). That’s when reading became one of the pillars of my life.

I read pretty much everything. I strongly believe that every book we read helps us grow into better people. But my favorite genres are self-help/motivational and YA (young adult). These are the kind of books I usually review and recommend here and my Instagram account.

Aesthetics have always been present in my life

From the dresses my grandmother used to sew for me, to the paintings and architecture styles I feel closer to my style, everything that has to do with aesthetics and good taste is my thing.

I am strongly influenced by the rococo and victorian styles (to me the quote is “more is more” 😛). And if I had to mention two designers that I feel strongly identified with, Dior and Valentino would be the ones.

A defined waist-line, lace and ruffles are always present in my looks. I love everything disruptive, different, original. I love everything disrruptive, different, original. I barely have basics in my wardrobe (that white T-shirt is going yellow from being pushed and forgotten to the bottom of the closet…) and you’ll see me mix and match prints and textures pretty much all the time. I know the “rules” and what sits better with my body type. I know the shapes and the colors that will be trending next season. I just don’t really take them too much in consideration.