About me

Hi hi!

My name is Florencia and I’m a UX/UI designer 😀

If you’ve been following me for a while you already know I’m also a Fashion Designer and a Community Manager, but I don’t practice anymore 😛 Life put me on this incredible path of starting out a new career in the technology field after doubting if making the switch or not for about 3 years.

About this space

This blog started out in 2015 as a space to try to be a fashion influencer, and throughout the year it’s becoming this logbook where I capture all my thoughts and photographs as I see fit, content calendar-free. It was born being called Dangerously Me and soon after was named Flor De Blog.

This space was a witness of many of my adventures: my first trip overseas, my first tattoo, my loved Warner Bros Harry Potter tour in London, among other things. I’m glad to say this space has allowed me to experiment with my personal style and explore the most intricate of my thoughts.

Today it’s a logbook of all that: a space to experiment with my style (because I love dressing up and I love fashion), to review and recommend to you my favorite books, and to reflect on different aspects of life, all coming from this “adult life” I’m apparently supposed to be living in now.