I look back at everything that happened this year and I surprise myself. 2021 tested me like never before. It pushed me to take care of a loved family member at the hospital during the second wave of Covid. It brought me back to the office jobs world and pushed me to switch careers (yet again). 2021 brought me my current boyfriend. It took friends away from me but equally inserted some back into the equation. I finished therapy. I decided to go into therapy again ( with another topic than the first time).

I took a year off of making content online. I realized it just wasn’t for me when I was constantly worrying about numbers and strategies. I realized I missed old-school blogs, the way they were when it all started. I left it all, almost completely. I won’t lie I was about to delete this space completely more than once.

But leaving behind this content creator world allowed me to take a step back, breathe, and understand what I really wanted to pursue professionally. It freed some time to enroll in a UX/UI course just to see what it’s like and then bam! Now I’m head over heels with this amazing design world that I would have loved to know of when I was 15 and designing websites in FrontPage.

I tried getting into the world of minimalism and failed. Although I don’t know if it’s right of me to catalog this as a “fail”, when I in fact took what I found useful for my life and applied to my maximalist and cluttered life.

I decided to leave the fashion industry, for good. I watched the documentary The True Cost and I pledged again to only buying 12 pieces of clothing in 12 months.

And the pandemic. What can I say about the pandemic? And what can I say about my country, which hurts me so much deep inside. This year I hated Argentina like never before. I thought I was over that stage of hatred. I thought I had become friends again with my country. Turns out I was just living a very privileged moment in a very safe neighborhood close to everything, where I felt safe, secure. Coming back to a less-safe neighborhood definitely changed my perception of the country.

I know this post can sound quite depressive, almost negative. But I feel good. In fact: I feel like I’m on the right way, and that to me means I’m okay. I have a very supportive partner and a family that even when they’re not perfect are there for me, amazing pets and I get to work with some lovely people at my job. This only means I’m doing good.

Florencia, from now on, it only can go well.

Top 10 looks of 2021

I’m not surprised that most of these are from autumn and winter 😜

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