A couple months ago a friend from IG talked introduced to me the concept of “passion projects” and I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the idea of taking a project for a set amount of time, one that has a start and end date. For those of us who are everchanging, this is a lifesaver!

My first project won’t sound oh so new, because it’s something that I’ve been doing for a while on the Internet: documenting my style. Fashion photography has become so big and it’s put this expectation of curated, editorial photoshoots on every one of us, that we have lost the habit of documenting our real style through some candid mirror or timer shots. Do we even remember what our actual style is? How many times have we bought incredibly uncomfortable clothing just because we know they’ll photograph nicely? It’s happened to me THOUSANDS of times.

Part of documenting ALL of my looks through a whole month has everything to do with understanding the core of my personal style. What do I really like? In what kind of clothes I feel the most comfortable and pretty in? Does this spark joy in me? Marie Kondo style.

My 31 looks

What I learnt through this project

I’ve encountered my favorite style (again).

I am the first to complain about fashion trends and not get influenced by them, and here I am years later being influenced by social media 😛 It happens more frequently than I thought it did! This week I was extra aware of my outfits because I knew I’d be photographing them so in a way, I “forced” myself to wear what I liked the most.

Knowing my favorite fits, I can shop smartly in the future.

Although I haven’t been buying clothes lately, in the future I know that having gone through this process I will know know to shop smarter, knowing what I enjoy to wear the most.

I like being comfortable — and that includes shoes.

It’s not news that I looove shoes. And even though lately I’ve been noticing I’m wearing less and less heels (thank you pandemic), now it’s more than clear that I need shoes that allow me to walk comfortably through an entire morning (at least). If it doesn’t, I don’t buy it/it goes away.

It feels great to dress up, even when working from home.

The PJs fundamentalist will hate me, but I found out that dressing up while working from home felt freaking great! I admit I even put on shoes! Also: dressing up during my working hours makes it easier to tell apart right away where the work week ends.

These are the fits, materials and prints I’ve worn on repeat:

What a nice coincidence that these outfits are also my top 5 favorites of the week!

passion project, fashion project, outfits, ootd, looks

Flowy dresses with floral prints

I love floral patterns so much! Especially for summer. I really need to figure out a way to use them during the wintertime as well.

passion project, fashion project, outfits, ootd, looks

Distressed denim

I love denim in all its ways, but I love them more when it’s distressed or they have embroidery over them, even paint!

Extra point for denim: I’ve been wearing a lot of jumpers like this one as well! (long and short).

passion project, fashion project, outfits, ootd, looks

Embroideried clothing

As much as I adore color, this month I realized I prefer them to be present in details instead of an entire piece of clothing in vibrant color. For example in embroideries like this one.

passion project, fashion project, outfits, ootd, looks

Loose/oversized fits

I think this is the major discovery out of this project: I realized I feel way more “me” and comfortable when I’m wearing clothes that are not too tight on my body.

I’d rather have the option of putting a belt on a piece to accentuate the waist rather than having a piece that is too tight for me.

passion project, fashion project, outfits, ootd, looks

Full sleves

You have no idea how much I looove this top! ♥ I can’t wait to get more pieces with full sleeves like this one!

Flop 5

The flops deserve their own little section because even though I didn’t entirely like the outfits, some of the pieces do have potential in other outfits.

In the first outfit, I feel like maybe I could have gone with a different T-shirt and not much a loose-fit one.

In the case of the look with the mint green jacket… there’s a lot of things going on in that outfit.

The third outfit with the red dress pants is not ugly, but definitely not me. Sure, it was perfect for the wedding I had to attend, but nothing further from my personal style.

The 4th look with the pale pink denim skirt, I wouldn’t say I hate it, but I wouldn’t choose it if I had something different to wear (which is most of the time :P).

The last one is the one that I REALLY disliked and felt less like myself into. I didn’t feel comfortable nor cute, just weird.


I think we could all benefit from taking this project into consideration and doing it at least once in our lives. It only takes being consistent in taking a snapshot of our outfits once a day for 31 days straight to figure out what we really like wearing, so that we can shop more consciously in the future. This will not only benefit us but the world in the long run.

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