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Welcome to a new category of the blog! I’m excited to introduce organization!

I’ve been wanting to start this category now for a while in this blog, and what better moment than this one! Where half of the year is already gone (can’t believe we’re almost in July! 😱) and with a huge event knocking my world upside down: I got fired from my day job last Friday! (I promise I will tell you more in detail later).

I’ve been passionate about organization for a very long time

Do you remember how I used to share with you my bullet journal spreads? Well, that was just the beginning of a great passion! Just a couple months ago, I started to get more serious about planning in life in general; on one side I got hella inspired after reading Marie Kondo “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (which I HIGHLY recommend by the way), and on the other I started listening to a (Spanish only) podcast called El Show de los Superhábitos that gave me even better tools to navigate reviews like the one you’re about to see right now.

The premise is quite simple: set some personal, annual goals, that are related to your goals long-term and make reviews throughout the year. These can be (and are recommended to be) biannual, quarterly and weekly.

In my case, I make list of things of things to do every Sunday and review how I did every Saturday. Every three months I check how I’m doing and if I’m aligned to my annual goals, and now I’m conducting my first biannual review, which I’ve decided to share with you today. In this particular biannual review, which comprehends the first 6 months of the year, I answer a series of questions that take me more in depth with my emotions and my mental state towards my goals. This is the perfect opportunity to see if anything’s changed, if there are some goals that need to be erased or changed. At the end of this post I will attach a link for you to download these question prompts and do the same as I do!

Given that this is a very personal process and it includes a lot of intimate things I don’t feel comfortable sharing openly to the world, I hope you can understand that I’m not going to share absolutely everything in this post. But I do think it’s important to share with you what I’ve learnt these first 6 months of the year and how much I progressed (or didn’t progress at all) with my goals.

revision semestral, organization, organizacion, organizacion personal, biannual review
The biannual review made me THIS tired 😂

What happened so far this 2019?

  1. The guy I was dating dumped me.
  2. I got fired from my day job.
  3. I made huge progress with therapy.
  4. I moved out alone for the first time!
  5. I made my relationship with mom better.
  6. I’m at a new chapter in my life.
  7. I started a body pump class at the gym and I’m loving it!
  8. I was a model for the first time for TEX.

What had the most impact so far? What was the most important thing that happened in these 6 months?

It was quite difficult to choose between the break up and the job loss… but let’s go with the job loss. The fact that I got fired for the first time in my life has definitely been the experience that had the most impact in me in this first half of the year.

My achievements during these first 6 months.

  1. I made incredible progress with therapy. I built a strength and inner piece that made it possible for me to go through multiple life challenges without losing it in the process.
  2. I moved alone for the first time. It was really a rushed decision, but still one of the best I have taken so far this year! There’s nothing better than knowing I have a little space in the world to do whatever I wish to.
  3. My relationship with mom changed for the better. I’m sure it’s linked to moving out of my parents place, definitely. It’s certainly true what they say: moving out of your parents house makes your relationship with them less difficult.
  4. I started the body pump class at the gym and I’m loving it. And not precisely because I wanted to drop some weight or see my body transformed. In fact, I never expected my body to change the way it did! the fact that I’m training because I love it and makes wonders to my mind, and not because I’m body-obsessed, made all the difference to me and actually changed my relationship with the gym.
  5. I started to reach out more to people. I don’t sit around waiting for people to come to me anymore. No. I go and invite them out for tea or coffee and, amazingly, when you “put yourself out there” it turns out people realize you DO want to hangout! and then it’s not just YOU reaching out, it’s also the other way around.
  6. I evolved in the commercial side of my career. Even if I wasn’t happy at my workplace, I can’t deny that I learnt a whole deal about the commercial side of the fashion business that we don’t usually study at school (at least here in Argentina). I’m sure this will definitely be a positive thing in my resumeé in the future.
  7. I started creating more video content for Instagram and even made a comeback to YouTube. It’s amazing how much you guys love this type of content! It just makes sense in the end: we love seeing the people we read about talk to us and move. Feel a lot more closer than a single snapshot.

Looking back, what would you have done differently?

Wow, what a question! You guys know that I’m not the kind of regret things; to me, everything happens for a reason and, if it hadn’t happened, I would have missed a valuable lesson.
But if I had to choose having done something differently, I would have chosen not to give my partner or my job what is meant for me. What do I mean? Not to give my 100%. Something HAS to stay with me. It’s not healthy to give it all, on the contrary to what most people believe. If you give everything of you, there’s nothing left for you, and the experience/person ends up taking that part of you with them. Forever.

Here comes the final question… You just made a list of activities and experiences that took up most of the time in your year. How do these activities/experiences connect with the goals you set for yourself at the start of the year?

I must admit that: in nothing. Everything I achieved and was positive was thanks to the amazing turns of the destiny, and everything that wasn’t happened because I wasn’t focused nor centered in the path that I had originally designed for myself at the start of the year.
Now, it’s just a matter of going back to the original path and not lose sight of it again ❤️️.
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