I’m having the dreaded case of writer’s block, you pals

There, I’ve said it. I’VE ADMITTED IT!

That foe that always comes when you least need it or expect it. And there’s just no use fighting against it. Nope. You just have to give in and be like “well sh*t, it’s happening”. I know myself well enough to realize that this is the right course of action in my case. In a couple days or weeks, it’ll be back for sure. It’s not exactly what I’m struggling with at the moment, no.

I’m struggling with the fact that I want to write meaty, think-pieces the most. I love those kind of posts! They rile me up, they’re relatively easy to write for me (because I get such verbosity I enjoy so much) and I feel like you guys also enjoy them the most. It’s gotten to the point I feel guilty if my posts or captions at Instagram aren’t thought-provoking. Am I being too hard on myself?

*ramble off*.

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I’m wearing

Checkered dress from Myrorna
Lace knee high socks from Chinatown BA
Top small hat from Falabella
Patent black shoes from local brand


    1. Indeed! And I have also realized that pushing my writing can also make me feel more inspired and get out of the writer’s block more easily, even if most of what I babble about never makes it online hahaha.

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

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