Looking at these pictures make me realize how much I’ve changed in the last couple months. A few years ago, my younger early 20’s self would have grimaced at “fancy” looks like these. ”I’m so much better than this”; the kind of though I would have had.

Truth to be told, I do tend to behave more apprehensive around people wearing elegant, office-worthy clothing, especially men in suits. It probably has something to do about these kind of clothes feeling a bit too intimidating for me. In fact, I did google my last sentence and I was met with articles that read along the lines of: How to say you’re the boss with your clothes. Is there anything wrong to dress to intimidate? How Clothing and Behaviour Affects Approachability, and I could go on and on.

Now that I wear these kind of outfits on a daily basis, I can tell from experience why we stumble upon these articles on the internet so easily. Clothes we deem elegant do have an impact in how other perceive us, whether we like it or not. I hate it, but I have realized that when I’m wearing something like this, people tend to really look at me in the eye and pay attention to what I have to say.

Has this ever happened to you guys?

I’m wearing…

Mustard blouse from Zara (old)
Black blazer from Falabella (old)
Green pleated skirt from Paula Cahen D’Anvers (old)
Black suede boots from Zara (this winter in Argentina!)
Necklace from local brand (old)


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