It seems like it was only yesterday that I was posting my first blogaversary on this blog! We talked about consistency and how I was surprised that I had managed to keep the blog alive despite everything that had been causing me fear (remember how fear was the theme of 2016?).

If I look back to 2017, I’d say 2017 was the year of experimentation: I posted in so many different ways, formats, trying black & white, writing in columns, between Spanish and English, testing which content you guys liked the most…

This year, 2018, I want to do something different. Gathering inspiration from Erika’s (Retro Flame) post about her Dream 2018, I want to daydream about what I’d like to achieve this year with blogging (you might want to check out this post if you’re curious about my personal goals).

1. Reach 2,000 followers on Instagram

Ambitious, I know. Especially considering I’ve been stuck at 830 for the past week. In fact, I’ve been at 800 followers for the past few months, but hey, I haven’t really put much effort on IG lately so I shouldn’t really complain. I’ve been posting on and off, wondering if I should have a theme, if I should take more selfies with my phone now that everybody says that phone pictures perform better, if I should write more engaging captions… anyway, in the midst of it I realized that I wasn’t having fun, which is crazy because I always say that the reason why I do this is because it’s fun!

So I ditched it all.

I’m still uploading my DSLR pictures because I love them, and I’m not choosing a color for me theme because I am THIS MUCH of a rainbow! I guess I could say that the theme is… well, ME! 😛 Yes, it does suck that it seems I’m not capable of making my Instagram grow, but at the same time I realize that in life there are some things we can’t control, and on IG it’s the algorithm. I shouldn’t feel bad about something that’s totally out of control. But what IS under my control? Posting frequently, engaging with my followers, answering comments, commenting on other profiles, uploading stories.

Also, a little reminder for all of us: we do not own Instagram. If it decides to shut down one day, all of our content is gone. Just like that. True, microblogging is so “in” nowadays, but our blogs are so important because WE OWN THEM. Do not lose sight of that, even if it seems like no one’s reading/caring, someone ACTUALLY IS!

2. Reach 5,000 pageviews monthly on the blog

Closely tied to what I said a few pictures above. We own our sites (well, at least those of us who are self-hosted). Our blogs and e-mail lists are the only things we’re the owner of. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, they are all owned by someone else, and if they decide to shut down, our content will be gone with the flick of an eye.

When I look at my space on the Internet, I feel so proud of myself. Because I made it exactly the way I wanted it. Because of all the work behind the pictures and the writing. I’m so happy some of you even find it so inspiring you leave comments below!

I love social media, I can’t deny that. But my blog is my number 1 priority, because it’s the only thing I own.

3. More think pieces

I enjoy fashion, I really do! And I know that most people come to fashion blogs for quick inspiration. But wouldn’t it be great to give people something else to think about once they close their computers?

Some people are okay being recognized just for their style, but I’d be lying if I said that was my case. I’m much more than my clothes and make-up, and I’d be heavily offended if all people saw of me was just my exterior. But isn’t it my job to show you something else? Something deeper, something controversial — oooh I LOVE controversial! I seriously wonder why I get that kick of adrenaline every time someone starts up a debate with me about why I’m (usually) so wrong and sick! LOL.

As I previously said, there’s no way this world is going to become a better place for our children (and ourselves!) if no one tackles the real issues. Lets talk real shit, people! And if you’re afraid if showing up with your face, do it anonymously, but LETS TALK! Nothing good comes out from staying silent and letting oppressive behavior pass by our sides and we pretending it never happened.

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What I’m wearing

Hat is from H&M
Shirt is from Zara
T-shirt is from Tienda 326
Belt is from TEX Argentina
High-waist denim shorts are from Zara
Sneakers are from Converse

The Outfit

Where do I even begin? I freaking love this style! You will see in future outfits I’ve been using this formula a lot. The high-waist denim shorts were such a WANTED item! Besides, they can be easily worn during winter with some tights underneath because the fit is lose.

As you might have guessed, the central piece of the look is the shirt. Zara in Argentina is bringing up more things like these, which remind me a lot of the deconstruction class at college. Basically, what we did was pull apart clothes and sew them into something else. For example: for one of my assignments I had to turn a shirt like this in a dress! It’s a pity there’s no pictures of that 🙁

Also, did you notice how mom photo-bombed the picture above in the background? LOL.

This is the blog’s Year of Growth!


  1. You’re such a beauty! -And you look wonderful. Gotta love a checkered shirt, always a vibrant addition to an outfit.
    I can understand and relate to the struggles of Instagram. Just found out lots of people buy their followers so don’t beat yourself so much about it. I drawn myself into depression when I started my ig account and I wasn’t getting followers and started comparing myself to others. I had to snap myself out of it quickly. Lol!! I’ve just decided to be myself and have fun with it. I think that will bring you genuine followers. Hope this helps. My ig is Missymayification, you can link up if you wanna. Stay bless this new month beautiful. 🙂

    1. Hello May 🙂 thank you for your words!

      Yes, I’m aware of how fake some people’s followings are! It’s quite frustrating, but there’s no way I’m going down that lane! I have hopes that one day I’ll grow my audience organically, which will land me great opportunities.

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