Recently I found myself going through some old pictures of me. Not just digital, but good old-fashioned printed as well. You know, during those times were the camera roll contained just a set number of photos, lets say 24, and you had to be reeeeally careful about your shots because you didn’t have the chance to edit, delete and replace like we do today with digital cameras.

It was as I was going through these photos that the idea for this post popped up in my mind. I realized that growing up my style had been heavily influenced by two women in my family: my mother and my grandmother (mom’s mother).

Sora as a rocker

My mom passed on to me that rocker style I talked to you about in a previous post. All the love for denim comes from her! Funny story: growing up, I didn’t really like that much denim. I owned 2 or 3 pairs of pants and that was it. I used to make fun of my mom because her collection was so extensive (always, ALWAYS, +30 pairs) and each pant looked, to me, exactly the same. Fast forward to the present and my collection is as big as my mom’s 😛

Sora as a girly princess

The other person who influenced my girly, feminine style is my grandmother. She’s an incredibly talented seamstress and used to be responsible of making half of the contents of my wardrobe as I was growing up. She made beautiful checkered, floral dresses with princess sleeves, ruffles and lace. She stopped making clothes for me long time ago, but nowadays she still looks at me very proudly ever time I put on a dress!

Did someone in your family influence the way you dress nowadays?

Estos últimos días estuve viendo fotos viajes de mí cuando era chica. No solo digitales eh, sino de esas buenas fotos viejas que revelaban nuestros papás. Ya saben, esa época donde el rollo tenía un número específico de tomas, digamos 24, y tenías que pensar muuuy bien la foto antes de apretar el obturador. No podías editar, retocar o borrar como podemos hacer ahora con las cámaras digitales.

Fue mientras revisaba estas fotos que se me ocurrió el tema de este posteo. Me di cuenta que mi estilo fue fuertemente influenciado por dos mujeres muy apasionadas de mi familia desde que era chica: mi mamá y mi abuela (por parte de mamá).

De mi mamá heredé el estilo rockero del que les hablaba en un posteo previo. Todo mi amor por el denim viene influenciada por ella. Les cuento una historia: cuando era chica no me gustaba mucho el denim. Ponele que tenía 2 o 3 pantalones y eso era todo. Solía burlarme de mi mamá porque ella siempre tuvo una amplia colección (siempre, SIEMPRE, +30 pares) ¡y para mí eran todos iguales! Volvemos al presente, y la verdad que no se si mi colección de denim es más grande que la de ella 😛

La otra persona que influenció muchísimo mi estilo femenino y girly es mi abuela. Ella es una costurera increíble y solía ser la responsable de hacer la mitad de mi guardarropas cuando era chica. Me hacía vestidos hermosos cuadrillé y florales con mangas princesa, volados y encaje/broderie. Dejó de hacerme ropa hace bastante, ¡pero aún hoy en día me sigue mirando muy orgullosa cuando me pongo un vestido!

¿Alguien en su familia influenció la forma en que se visten?

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    1. I thought it was a really cute idea and that it might inspire people to think about their own influences as well 😀

      Thank you for passing by!

  1. Love this post! It must have been pretty fun going through all your old photos. I have to agree, my mum was definitely a huge influence on my style! She also passed that rocker kind of style to me, as well as business attire and my love for shirts and smart trousers! Weird combo lol

    Hayley xx

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