Stockholm Travel Diary 2018

Stockholm holds a very special place in my heart

It’s not only the homeland of my 3 Swedish besties; it’s also my personal heaven, my Narnia, my enchanted forest (still waiting for animals to start speaking there; totally possible). I love every corner of Stockholm and I never get enough of the city, no matter how many times I walk the same streets over and over again. For me, flying to Sweden does not mean tourism; it’s more about visiting the parts of me I left behind there, with my friends, the last time I stepped on that holy country. It’s more of a vacation.

If you asked me what happiness was, I’d say right away that it’s laying on my friend’s couch, her cats on my lap, reading a good book/watching something on Netflix and eating the pizza we just came over from buying walking across the woods.

The Royal Palace

When Fuuey and I were making plans for the days ahead, we both realized I hadn’t been to the Royal Palace on my last visit! The horror!

So we bought ourselves some tickets and visited the majestic palace that is still being used by the Royal Family. In fact, let me tell you my friends have run into the royals many times, but more around their actual residence which is Drottningholm Palace (you can read more about it and see the pictures I took here, in last year’s post about my trip). The guide was fun and had a great sense of humor, and you could tell he loved history because he went off at a tangent quite often and ended us gifting us like 10 minutes worth of information!

Did you know this palace is the second biggest in all the world? (first being Versailles) :O! In fact, many of the interiors of the palace were inspired by Versailles, like the ballroom. I’m not exactly good at telling history, so I’ll leave this link here that explains the story of the palace really well.

Visiting Eldgarnsö Nature Reserve

I was lucky that I got to see more than just Stockholm this time ♥. Fuuey’s father (a totally sweetheart) took us to the island of Eldgarnsö, a nature reserve that makes the Swedish woods so much justice. The road trip was highly enjoyed, only 1 hour ride, but still amazing because her father would tell me stories of him and his wife when they were little, and we also listened to a kid’s radio in Swedish for my sake (I’m studying Swedish!).

We finished the trip by driving to a garden centre that had a small, cozy coffee shop for fika. I loved this day the most!



  1. July 29, 2018 / 6:07 pm

    te entiendo con lo de tu narnia. En mi caso es el jardin de mis viejos. Vos no sabes las hs que pase ahi y aunque es chiquito y no es la gran cosa, para mi es lo todo.
    Con respecto a estocolmo, no tuve la suerte de ir, aun. Pero tengo muchas ganas!

    • Sora
      July 31, 2018 / 9:34 am

      Me hiciste acordar que yo también era suuper fan de mi jardín! Tenía (ahora ya no la tengo mas, snif) una hamaca grande como las de las plazas y VIVÍA ahí. Podía estar horas hamacándome y escuchando música, imaginándome las mil y una historias.

  2. July 31, 2018 / 7:11 am

    What a wonderful time it seems that you had in Sweden! ❤

    • Sora
      July 31, 2018 / 9:36 am

      I diiiid ♥

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